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Music Box-24K Gold Plated Music Box,Animal,fruit,Birds,Love figurines at online Charmingtemptations.com

Gold Plated Decorative Music Box Matashi Crystal What is a Music Box ?

A small box that plays a tune, typically when the lid is opened or when the key is turned. A traditional 24 K gold plated music box contains a cylinder, turned by clockwork, with projecting teeth that pluck a row of tuned metal strips as it revolves. What makes our Music Boxes’ so special? We have a special one for each and every one of your personalities as well as your taste in design, music and more.

You can choose from our gorgeous Silver to our stunning 24k Gold Plated boxes. A music boxes’ tune can ease you on a stressful day or even bring you back to your child hood memories. This is a perfect irresistible gift for any loved one. They come in a variety of styles including bird’s music boxes, animal music boxes, creative and musical figures boxes, desktop music box much more using 24k Gold and Silver Plated figurines materials, which showcase Matashi’ s expert craftsmanship and handmade designs.! The decorative music boxes also introduce using Swarovski Crystal. Store having pretty collection of figurines, ornaments, night lights, picture frames, wind chime.

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